Acne is a skin problem experienced by both young and old alike. The cure on acne can vary according to the type of skin that you have. You can find a lot of pharmaceutical cure for acne but there are as many natural remedies for acne. Natural remedy, not only just cure acne but it also boosts your health in general as pharmaceutical drugs can have little to major side effects on your health.

Most effective acne treatment If you thought that only teenagers suffered from the problem of acne then you are mistaken. You should consult a dermatologist so that you are aware of your skin type so that effective acne treatment can be carried out in the best possible manner.

If you are determined to combat the problem of acne then you can simply splash water on the affected areas at least three to five times a day. This will surely not result in the end of the acne issue that makes your face look dull but it will surely have a good effect on the acne affected area.

Some of the below mentioned solutions are the best methods to solve acne problems is the best possible manner.

Vitamins and minerals for acne
Nature has a lot of minerals and vitamins that can help cure acne. Vitamin C when combined with bio-flavonoids gives the best results. An antioxidant that contains Vitamin A, C and E along with minerals like zinc, lipoic acid, lycopene, grape seed, green tea and other extracts can easily combat acne. Zinc is an anti-bacterial mineral so that if there is a deficiency of this in the body, it can cause acne. Vitamin A can help in stopping acne. It reduces sebum production and fixes damaged skin cells. Carrots are rich in Vitamin A and beta-carotene.

Topical applications
Honey has disinfectant and healing properties. Soaps that have sulfur on it can help cure acne. It is advisable to wash the face only twice a day to avoid drying the skin that can lead to the production of more sebum in order to compensate for the dryness of the skin. Avoid picking the spots because it can lead to soreness and may even spread the acne infection.

Some plants, herbs and fruits can be made into salves and poultices. Strawberries have been used during the time of the Egyptians. Lavender, dandelion, tea tree oil and rosewater can be used as astringents. Certain precaution should be observed when consuming these natural herbs to avoid over dosage and intoxication.

If you want a sparkling face (free of acne) you should try one of these tips that suit your skin type so that you can follow the path of effective acne treatment. In fact all the creams and lotions have chemicals and this may cause irritation, blemishes, or may result in some reaction. Ayurvedic skin treatment is the best way to heal acne as it is a permanent and a natural way to treat the problem of acne.

You should never neglect any skin issues and always remember that Ayurvedic treatment is the best way to heal acne. In fact pollution, stress and other factors add to the problem of acne. In fact aloe Vera is a very good ingredient for treating acne. You can externally apply to your skin everyday for best results.

If you want to holistically heal the acne that blemishes your skin then you must resort to the natural and Ayurvedic procedure as it is the best method. Since thousands of years Ayurvedic treatments have solved and healed ailments and acne is no different.

Ayurvedic medicines heal the affected areas, balance the body, and detoxifies as well. Instead of using chemicals that have a detrimental impact on the body you should rely on Ayurvedic treatment. Your lifestyle and entire routine should be known by the Ayurvedic specialist so that the right medicines can be prescribed. You will again want to look in to mirror and look pretty if you follow the natural and Ayurvedic tips mentioned in the article. Pamper your skin and get rid of acne in a natural manner so that you look young and no blemishes make your skin look dry, dull and monotonous.

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